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Aug 10, 2015

The Bionic Woman's first OSI mission is to infiltrate a foreign country during a deadly civil war to rescue a missing American ambassador. But first she'll have to resolve her own civil war with Jack Starkey, her mission partner (played by Andy Griffith). Joining John and Paul to discuss the episode is Julie Hoverson.

Julie Hoverson has made a specialty of having no specialty.  She has dabbled extensively in costuming, role-playing, LARPing, art, beadwork, acting, and writing in such disparate genres as horror, noir, fantasy, urban fantasy, dark social commentary (and whatever else occurs to her).  She has spent the last five years writing, producing, and acting in the award-winning podcast audio drama anthology series, 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and is currently recording audiobooks professionally.

Mike Anthony
four and a half years ago

Good show guys! I love the new segments with Betsy and Jim. This is definitely an episode that I appreciate more as an adult than as a kid. I just watched it again so that it would be fresh in my mind for the podcast and it's much better than I remembered.