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Apr 14, 2014


A new Case File focuses on actor, voiceover artist, and professional whistler Guerin Barry.  Guerin talks about his role on The Bionic Woman as the voice of the Alex 7000 computer in the episode, "Doomsday is Tomorrow".  In addition, he talks about his time with the group Sha Na Na, his appearances in various movies and television shows, his career as a professional whistler, plus a whole lot more.

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Guerin Barry was born in Manhattan and raised in Sunnyside Queens. He went Brooklyn Technical High School and then attended Pratt Institute for architecture. But left to go to work at a radio station in Vermont. From there, he went to Boston to study acting at the Leland Powers School of Radio, Television, and Theatre. By the time he finished acting school he was married and had a son and became a film editor for prominent Boston TV news station, WBZ. His TV work continued in New York as a producer and director for six years before he returned to acting and studied with Milton Katselas while working at an advertising agency. He ultimately moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 1975 to pursue acting full-time.

Stage work led to work in commercials (he famously embodied the character of the Mercury Grand Marquis) and supporting roles in movies and guest-starring roles in television (Quincy, Simon & Simon, Step by Step), including the soft-soaked voice of "Alex 7000," the Master Computer who gives who threatens to destroy the world unless Jaime Sommers can stop him in the sensational Bionic Woman two-parter, "Doomsday Is Tomorrow." Guerin's unique voice talent also gave life to the original Dr. Theopolis in the iconic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. He was even up for the voice of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider but lost to William Daniels. He was also the unseen voice of the "Salem Strangler" on the popular daytime soap, Days of Our Lives.

In the 80s, Guerin started a 50s band and played locally for six years, which led to an additional four years touring the globe with the acclaimed 50s rock and roll group, Sha Na Na. When he returned to Hollywood, he focused heavily on voiceover work. He's recorded a dozen audio books, and he's also found himself in the peculiar field of talking toys, for which he is the voice of thousands. Recognized as a "Professional Whistler," Guerin has whistled for many composers of TV, documentary and feature film music, promo music, music libraries and pop recordings. He also whistles live with jazz musicians. He is "On Pitch and On Time." He has whistled for the TV series, LA Law, episode titled "Whistle Stop." He is the only polyphonic whistler in the world, capable of producing two, specific and different notes at the same time.

Guerin's voice can also be heard in the popular video games, War of Warcraft and Starcraft. He's appeared in Reeve Carney's music video for "Love Me, Chase Me." And he's currently the deep bass voice of the Doo-Wop group, Dukes of DooWop.


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