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May 24, 2014

This time the Case File opens for actor and musician Robbie Rist.  Robbie talks with John and Paul about his career, his love of music, and his voiceover work.  He speaks fondly of working with Lindsay Wagner in The Bionic Woman, comments on "The Cousin Oliver" factor, and says why Doc McStuffins is one of the best gigs he's ever worked on.
NOTE: This interview took place in early 2013.  Robbie speaks of his parents and their influence on his life, in particular, his music.  Robbie's father recently passed away.  We extend our condolences to Robbie and his family.

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Robbie Rist was born and raised in California.  He knew at an early age that he wanted to act and was allowed to by his supportive parents provided he never lost sight of who he was.  His parents also developed a love of music in Robbie that continues to this day.

As a child actor, Robbie appeared in numerous television shows - The Brady Bunch, The Bionic Woman, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Galactica 1980 and many more.  His angelic looks also carried with it a little devil on the side that he played to great advantage in many of his roles.

As Robbie got older, he continued to work in television and branched out into the world of voice acting.  He was the voice of the Michaelangelo in the orginal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.   He has lent his vocal talents to many animated series and features as well as video games such as Final Fantasy and Zach Bell.  He is currently performing as the voice of "Stuffy" in the highly popular Disney animated series Doc McStuffins.

Robbie's music career is as vast and varied as his acting career.  He has performed as the lead singer, guitarist, bassist and/or drummer for several Los Angeles rock bands, including Wonderboy, The Andersons (band), Cockeyed Ghost, Nice Guy Eddie, and Steve Barton and the Oblivion Click. The list of west coast pop bands Rist has performed with numbers is in the hundreds. He divides his time between film and music production, performing with Los Angeles alt-country band KingsizeMaybe and rock band Jeff Caudill & The Goodtimes Band (with Jeff Caudill of Orange County punk band Gameface and Michael "Popeye" Vogelsang of Orange County punk band Farside). Robbie has also produced a number of records for bands, including Suzy & Los Quattro, Backline, Ginger Britt and the Mighty, Jeff Caudill, Steve Barton and the Oblivion Click, Nice Guy Eddie, Kingsizemaybe and The Mockers. Rist produced the Rubinoos album Automatic Toaster and played drums on that album. He currently is the drummer for Your Favorite Trainwreck.

Robbie also hosts a podcast called The Spoon, "Join hosts Robbie Rist, Chris Jackson, and Thom Bowers, in their quest to understand the wide world around them and the insane people who populate it. Jumping through conversational hyperlinks like a trio of cats playing with a laser pointer, their mission is to separate the stuff from the stuff while providing a generous dose of broadcast irritainment."


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