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Jul 21, 2014


John and Paul have been given a new Critical Assignment.  With the success of The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 by Dynamite Comics, it stood to reason that a The Bionic Woman Season 4 comic would follow.  But as most bionic fans know, The Bionic Woman does not usually feature the same kind of story telling as her male counterpart.  Dynamite's previous attempt at a Bionic Woman comic was less than stellar.  Is it possible they can get it right by using the original source material?  Writer Brandon Jerwa has been tapped for the assignment and he sits down with John and Paul to discuss what he feels it will take to make The Bionic Woman a successful comic for both the fans of the series and the general comic book reader.


00:00 - Show introduction
03:00 - Bionic Renaissance
04:10 - Brandon Introduction
08:00 - "Where you a fan of Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Woman?"
12:45 - Viewing the Differences Between the Two Bionic Shows and Characters
19:55 - Announcing The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6
21:30 - Where Dynamite's First Bionic Woman Went Wrong
23:25 - Picking Up Where "On the Run" Left Off
25:55 - An "All Ages" Comic
29:00 - Dialogue That Sums Up Jaime Sommers
31:25 - How Brandon Got the Gig
35:20 - Brandon Will Come Back If We're Not Satisfied
35:55 - Who From the Series Will We See?
37:10 - "Will We See the Coach House?"
38:35 - "Where Does the Story Take Place in Relation to Six Million Dollar Man Season 6?"
40:10 - Likenesses of the Characters
44:45 - Brandon's Documentary and the Prism Award
53:45 - Brandon on the Web
55:20 - Sign Off

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Brandon's Links


BJ Shea's Geek Nation Podcast

Brandon Jerwa is a writer, musician, and recently, a documentarian. He's been writing comics for over 10 years - and is no stranger to licensed tie-in storytelling. In 2003 he broke into the industry - literally - as a fan, submitting a GI JOE script to DEVILS DUE COMICS who was publishing the title at the time. They liked it, hired him to write the story for A G.I. Joe anthology and then gave him the main book to write a few months later. He even had a GI JOE action figure made in his likeness!
In 2006 Brandon went to work for Dynamite Comics, doing a stint on their HIGHLANDER tie-in before enjoying a very popular run on their BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA tie-in 2007.
Since then he's written for more high-profile comics publishers like IMAGE COMICS, VERTIGO and DC Comics.
In 2011 Brandon ventured into documentary filmmaking with an ambitious peak into the world of comic books and telling the stories of the people who make them. We'll talk more about that later on.
In 2012 Brandon’s work on the Graphic Novel SHOOTERS about a Post-9-11 IRAQI War veteran WON a PRISM AWARD recognizing the comic’s accurate depiction of mental illness.
Brandon is no stranger to podcasting, you can hear him DAILY on BJ SHEA'S GEEK NATION PODCAST which covers all things geeky in NEWS, TV, MOVIES, COMICS.
On JUNE 15th of 2014, based on the success of their SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN SEASON SIX title (by James Kuhoric), Dynamite revealed to BLEEDING that they would be releasing a BIONIC WOMAN SEASON FOUR title in SEPTEMBER. Written by Brandon Jerwa, art by David T. Cabrera and a cover for issue one by Sean Chen along with a photo cover of series star Lindsay Wagner. We'll get to Chen's cover in a moment, too.
In that brief news item, Brandon is quoted saying, “If you’ve never seen the show, or haven’t read James Kuhoric’s Six Million Dollar Man comic, you’re still totally fine, longtime fans won’t be left out in the cold, though. The Bionic Woman: Season Four is a continuation of the classic TV series, so I’m definitely treating it as such in terms of continuity and thematic carry-through.”