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Apr 11, 2013

A doppelganger of Steve has been placed within the OSI, but when he is accidentally killed, Steve decides to take his place and find out who arranged for the duplicate. Joining John and Paul is Time Life Six Million Dollar Man DVD Collection consultant Matt Hankinson.

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Matt Hankinson writes, "Besides the Time-Life DVD release of SMDM (for which I served as "chief creative consultant"), I had previously worked with Herbie J Pilato on his long-in-development  The Bionic Book , and served as consultant and wrote the episode copy for Rittenhouse Archive's 2004 Six Million Dollar Mantrading card series. I also attended both Bionicon conventions (2006 & 2007) and several of Lindsay Wagner's fan events. With the exception of Lee Majors, I've been fortunate to have met all the cast members and producer Kenneth Johnson. I've known both Paul and Joe from our years at the online forum, and have met Paul in-person at the Bionicons and Lindsay's events.

"I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been a HUGE fan of both bionic shows since I first saw the SMDM pilot movie when I was seven years old. It's literally been a life-long fascination and dedication for me. Getting to work so extensively on the SMDM DVD release was like a dream-come-true, and being able to bring a few friends along for the ride made it extra special."