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Sep 17, 2012


A plane carrying Steve, Senator Ed Hill, and the senator's son & aide is forced down in a storm as it makes its way to an investigative hearing into the senator's conduct during a recent flight.  Steve is supposed to testify about the plane the senator was flying, but someone in the group is trying to make sure Steve doesn't make it out alive.  Add to this, Oscar is urging Steve to consider the words of his testimony, as the senator was responsible for pushing the funds through that made Steve bionic.  Joining John and Paul is webmaster, Joseph Burns. 


Bionic Wiki entry

The6milliondollarblog entry

Joseph Burns was born in Washington D.C., and grew up there until his family moved to California in the late 70's. A film and TV buff, he attended the Film/Video program at UC Santa Cruz, getting his bachelor's in 1996. After Film School, Joe moved to LA and worked in Post Production. He is the editor of "Skywalker: The David Thompson Story," a one hour sports documentary which aired on NBA-TV and was distributed on DVD by Image Entertainment.

In addition to video editing, Joe has developed websites, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs. He operates the SMDM fan website "The Six 1973" and is a major contributor/admin at The Bionic Wiki. In 2010, he was recruited to advise Time-Life on The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection, and was interviewed for the set at the Pasadena Rock N' ComiCon last Spring.

Today Joe lives in San Francisco and is the owner of a very large cat named Fritz.