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Apr 28, 2013

OSI secrets are disappearing and one of Steve's friends is accused of the theft.  While he can't prove his friend's innocence, he knows there has to be another explanation.  And he has one - E.S.P. spying.  Steve decides to enlist the aid of a teenage girl with extra sensory perception to track down "The E.S.P. Spy."  Joining John and Paul to discuss this episode is Billy Flynn of Geek Radio Daily. Special thanks for the audio recording of a twelve year old Robin Spannell as he played announcer for this episode of the podcast.  Check out Robin's music at Shatner's Hairpiece.

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Bill Vernon, AKA “the Wonderful Billy Flynn, brings the funny each week on Geek Radio Daily! His daytime alter ego is mild-mannered (well, that part is a stretch) on-air talent at WRAR Radio Station in Virginia. He actually gets paid to sit on his butt and run his mouth! His “edumacation” is from UNC-Wilmington and the Columbia School of Broadcasting. When he is not gracing the podcasting airways with his comedic stylings, you can find Billy Flynn on Xbox Live (flynn71), rockin’ out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band, watching movies, reading comics, working out, or posting on the forums at (ding!)