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May 27, 2012


Steve reluctantly helps in the training of the world's first American female astronaut, Kelly Wood.  But when there is an accident aboard her vessel that injures her fellow pilot, Kelly must pilot the Athena One to Skylab.  Steve mounts a rescue mission to return the injured astronaut to earth.  The hitch - his bionics malfunction in space.  John and Paul are joined by author and podcaster (It Has Come to My Attention, Mighty Movies: Temple of Bad) Kevin Lauderdale to discuss how accurate the science and portrayal of NASA astronauts were in the episode.


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Kevin Lauderdale has written essays and articles for the Los Angeles TimesThe Dictionary of American Biography, Animato,, and; and his poetry has appeared in Andrei Codrescu's The Exquisite Corpse.  He has published fiction in several of Pocket Books' Star Trek anthologies, including Constellations, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original Star Trek.  His original fiction has appeared in Neo-opsismagazine and Cthulhu Unbound, the cross-genre Lovecraftian collection from Permuted Press.  He is a graduate of UCLA and a card-carrying member of SFWA.  Follow Kevin's exploits through his new LiveJournal blog -