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Feb 5, 2015

Jaime Sommers is back! And this time she's comig home to rebuild her life. After a sky-diving accident dropped her into a futuristic world of Bionics, and then a brain hemmorage left her dead, she was brought back to life through a revolutionary cryogenic procedure. But her memory was gone and with it her love for Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. But now, after one final operation, who will she wake up to be? What kind of life will she have? And will Steve be a part of it?

Lifelong Bionic fans, John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson open the Top Secret file on the Bionic Woman's debut episode, "Welcome Home, Jaime." Joining them for for this special extended podcast (over two hours!) are two powerhouses in Bionic Woman fandom: first is James Sherrard, webmaster of The Bionic Woman Files and Betsy Dodd, webmaster of Bionic Blonde. If you love Jaime Sommers, this is duo to listen to.

As always, we've got lots to share as we explore this episode. Triviabehind-the-scenes information, fashion breakdowns, and our ever popular rating system of 1 to 5 Bionic limbs. We've even got singing! So grab a phone book and some tuna salad, things are about to get wild. Thanks to the amazing Lindsay Wagner for giving us a breat send-off at the start of the show!