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May 25, 2015

Robbie Lee (Big Bad Mama, Rainbow Brite, The Get Along Gang) reprises her role asAudrey Moss, last seen in "The E.S.P. Spy" and returns to help Steve Austin go undercover as a magician in order to retrieve a stolen Navy code book. Other guest stars include, Jack Colvin (The Incredible Hulk) and Pernell Roberts(BonanzaTrapper John MD). John's favorite Bionic actor, William T. Zacha also makes an appearance. "Good eats."


Paxton Holley (of the Cavalcade of Awesome and the Nerd Lunch Podcast) helps us review this very magical episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. Robbie Lee was gracious enough to record our lead-in bumper. And we also offer a sneak-peek at our Case File interview with writer Bob McCullough ("In This Corner, Jaime Sommers," "Jaime and the King")  who recalls how he wrote the original story treatment for "Hocus-Pocus" but never got credit!


Additional music provided by Robin Spanell.